Beaver Meadow Foxhounds

           Membership Levels  2015

Honorary/Lifetime Membership

This membership is presented at the discretion of the Master(s) and Board of Directors to senior members who have given outstanding service to Beaver Meadow Foxhounds.  An Honorary/Lifetime membership carries all of the benefits and responsibilities of a Senior member with the exception of the Annual Subscription Fee.

Sponsor Membership  -  $2,000

This membership is for a senior member who wishes to be a sponsor of Beaver Meadow Foxhounds. It runs for a three year term consisting of a payment of $2,000 per year. At the end of the three year term members will receive their colours to Beaver Meadow Foxhounds. Includes membership to  MFHA .

Senior Membership  -  $1,000

For senior members over 25 (or between 18 and 25 if not in full time education). Includes all hunt privileges plus membership to MFHA  

Junior Membership  -  $150

For young members 25 or under on 1st January 2015. All hunting privileges.


Supporting Membership  -  $200

For those wishing to come to any social events. Breakfasts included in membership fee.

Capping: The capping fee for week-ends is $100.00 and includes the hunt breakfast.  The capping fee for weekdays is $50. The hunt breakfast for all non-members will be $10. Riders may cap up to six (6) times per year subject to an interview before the second (2nd) cap.  A Master must be notified three (3) days in advance of the hunt each time a non-member would like to hunt.  Pony Club members will hunt free but pay $10 for breakfast.

Additional notes to Membership Levels 2015

OEF: Any person riding is advised to have OEF membership, though this is not required

MFHA: All full members will be made members of the Masters of Foxhounds of America to comply with the MFHA’s request. Family members will only receive one copy of the MFHA’s magazine Covertside per family.

Breakfasts: This is the meal eaten after coming in from hunting on Sundays and will be held in the house of the host and hostess where possible, but may be “tailgate” which means everyone brings their own food and we eat at the trailers.

Everyone who is a member is expected to bring food at least twice during the year to the “indoor” breakfasts. Social and Pony Club members may also be asked to help and will not have to pay on that day. Non-members, such as accompanying family who are not riding, will be asked for $10 each time they eat. Landowners (but not their families) are exempted.

All members are expected to contribute to the betterment of the club including the responsibilities as outlined on the Membership Application Form.  

Re-subscription Fee

Just to let everyone know

the Board of Directors of Beaver Meadow Foxhounds

has passed a motion to create

an initiation fee in the amount of


This fee will be levied on members who let their membership lapse for a  year or more.

All memberships include the newsletter. Membership forms are available here and the completed forms should be sent to:

Julie McEwan  

324 Clarkson Road.  

Castleton, ON   K0K 1M0

accompanied by payment made out to Beaver Meadow Foxhounds.

For special payment arrangements, please speak to a master.